There are many online that are trying to sell Clickbank products and other affiliate products through free ways of marketing. It is possible to use paid marketing, but the cost of promotion eat away at the money received in commissions that many shy away from  paid marketing. That leaves just free marketing to promote and that normally involves blogging, so what is the best blog to sell Clickbank products.

Blogging has been around for a while and it is far from dead. In fact, it is growing vastly because of the ease and cost of hosting a blog is very low. So, it is no surprise that many internet marketers are using blogs to promote various affiliate products.

What are affiliate products?

Many websites including BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many websites have affiliate programs. Most are free, and when you sign up you are given a link. If anyone buys a product through your link, you receive a commission.

So you could become an Amazon affiliate, and give that link to friends and family to buy from Amazon and each time they do you receive a commission. The price of the product is the same you just receive a very small (normally around 4-6%) commission.

So if someone bought a product for $1000 you would receive around $40 commission. This is probably not life changing money and impossible to use any paid marketing.

This is where other websites like Clickbank come in.

There are many other affiliate websites that are similar to Clickbank. Clickbank just tends to be the largest. They offer numerous digital products (usually information products) from many different creators that you can promote and larger commissions, usually around 50-75%.

Is A Blog The Best Way To Sell Clickbank Products?

As we talked about earlier, there are some products on ClickBank where you can do paid marketing. However, many times the commissions made does not really justify paying for traffic to a site.

Many times you may take a lose using paid marketing trying to promote a Clickbank product.

A blog is very low cost way to sell Clickbank products.

Is WordPress The Best Blog To Sell ClickBank Products?

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The free blogs like Blogger,, and others is not an option. Most of these free websites do not allow affiliate marketing. If you try, some will block affiliate links and others will just shut down your blogs very quickly. Even Twitter blocks Amazon affiliate links.

You have no control with free sites like this.

They are free, because they are using your content that post there to get traffic to get money from advertising sources. So they are using your content to make money.   

There is still other sites like a self hosted WordPress is the most popular. It is fairly easy to set up with any hosting service. It is open source and has a big community around it, with many themes and plugins many which are free.

WordPress is a great product, however it can be very frustrating to use. Sometimes it doses require some knowledge of code to get things to work or look the way you want.

Many do get wrapped up in finding a great theme and all the different plugins. While doing these things they miss the most important part of using a blog and that is creating content to put on it.

Without content there is no visitors to your site. Without visitors there will be no one buying the product you are promoting. So don't neglect creating content if you are promoting anything with a blog.

While WordPress is good, there is another that I recommend just because it is easy to set up a blog and numerous blogs in many different niches you want and manage them all from one central location.

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Every now and then, Youtube goes through a phase of shutting down people's channels. It has happened to me and there are some videos on my site that I had Youtube videos embedded on that no longer work. Last night I was on a training and wanted to shed some light on how not to get your channel banned from Youtube.

I know there is a group that has taken upon themselves to protect the internet from anything they disagree with. They do this by flagging Youtube videos and getting their friends to flag the same videos.

You are fine as long as your message is one they agree with. However, if your message is not what they agree with you can run into trouble with them.

This is what I think happened to me. I never got one video flagged for over 3 years and then all of sudden I got 3 videos flagged in one night and my channel was shut down.

You can try to get your channel back and I know some have done that. One  person it took 18 attempts to get their channel back. So this can be done.

It sucks, but you could just start over with a new channel. This is what I did and I started to be a little more selective on the videos I actually post on Youtube. Many times I use the unlisted option for my videos. I just embed them to my website.

How Not To Get Your Channel Banned From Youtube

I was on a webinar last night on MLSP's weekly webinar. The training was on doing videos. One section was on how to not get your channel banned from Youtube.

The whole part of this is giving Youtube what they want. So let's look at part of the terms of service of Youtube:

The one theme that runs through this part is to participate with others on the site.

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Many forget that Youtube is really a social media site that centers around video. So be sure to leave comments, like other's videos, subscribe to people's channels. Also be sure to share their videos on other social media sites like Facebook.

It is a good idea to find leaders in your whatever interest you have. Subscribe to them, and leave comments on their videos. Even to a video response and put their link back to their video to what you are responding to.

This helps build your presence on Youtube more and your brand overall. If you leave good comments you will get exposure just by your comments.

Youtube does not want you to direct traffic away from Youtube. This is where I made my mistake. I always put a link to my blog in a video. I am not saying not to use Youtube to get traffic to your websites, but sometimes it is useful to just do a video to get people to subscribe to your channel.   

This does not guarantee that you will not get shutdown on Youtube. They make the rules in this case.

However, if a video is flagged and you get a manual review of your channel. If they see you not active on their site, just posting your videos and leaving that is a huge red flag for them. I think they will give you more leeway if they do see you are very active on their site.  

If you are thinking about using Youtube to post videos, I hope this has helped you to know how not to get your channel banned from Youtube.


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Conspiracy theories have always been interesting to me, granted I do not believe many of them. On the surface many conspiracy theories seem possible, but when looked at more deeply they tend to fall apart. The disappearance of the Boeing 777 in South Asia over the weekend has given rise to many Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories.

There are many events in history that has conspiracy theories around them and these include Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination (link), and 9/11. You can find many article, blog posts, Youtube videos, even full length movie (like Loose Change) about different conspiracy theories.

It is very odd that with the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 270. Lost communication with the plan, no distress signal, no wreckage found, stolen passports, and phones still ringing have lead to many wondering what happened and some creating Malaysia Airlines flight 370 conspiracy theories.

You can find the latest updates by clicking here.

Some Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

Some of the conspiracy theories are far fetching such as aliens abducting or black holes swallowing the plane. Others include a false flag operation. These usually are usually carried out by government covert officials to make it seem like the operation was actually carried out by another organization. Normally the operations are blamed on a terrorist organization.

With flight 370, there are many thought about it being linked to terrorism. The first was the two passenger that boarded the plane were most likely fleeing Iran via Malaysia to get to Europe for political asylum. According to investigators, they have found the two passengers on security cameras at the airport. They have released the photos and know the identity of one of the passengers.

The other has focused on the one of the pilots. He was into politics and a leader he supported was just sentenced to 5 years in jail on what most believe was trumped up charges.

While not conspiracy theories, the most obviously is the plane crashed in an area that they have not searched yet, in a area where it is hard to see the debris, or all the debris has sunken to the bottom of the ocean now.

There have been some reports of debris found by satellite, but when searched through planes and ships turned up nothing.

The other rumor is that the pilot committed suicide.   

Without finding any debris it will be hard to say what exactly happened to the plane.

The one conspiracy is that the plane was stolen and landed somewhere on an island in the Pacific or Vietnam. Then to be used later in an attack similar to 9/11.

This thought entered my mind, but it would be very hard to move it to another location. There is a good chance of a country scrambling planes and shooting it down.  

Here is the video on this conspiracy:

It is weird that many of the mainstream news are giving these Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 conspiracy theories air time. Of course, some networks are running the stories (CNN for example) because it is bringing in big ratings.

Many times it has gone back and forth on the scale of being an accident to being deliberate in terms of terrorism. With little evidence of knowing what actually happened, this has lead to a lot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 conspiracy theories.


What are your thoughts on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 conspiracy theories? Leave a comment below.

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It took me a little while to get into True Detective. I actually fell asleep a few times trying to watch the first show. Then I watched an episode ahead, I was a little lost, but I sit down and knocked out episodes 1-6 in one night (about 6 hours). Last night it was the True Detective Season Finale.

I always liked Matthew McConaughey since I saw A Time To Kill, then a few years later he did mostly romantic comedies. Recently as noted in the link above, he has taken more serious roles and recently nominated and won a lot of awards.

The first thing that startled me a little is how much weight Matthew McConaughey had lost. It took me a little while to realize who he was especially with he long hair in True Detective.

Opening Theme to True Detective:

My Thoughts About The True Detective Season Finale

I read a few theories before the True Detective Season Finale, found some very interesting. There were no shortage of them online, especially on Reddit. I think some of those may be let down by the season finale.

In truth, even with all the so called Easter Eggs in the movie, it was basically straight forward. I thought it was interesting when the writer/creator of True Detective Nick Pizzolatto, about a week ago not to expect many twists in the story. I think downplaying the season finale as not to disappoint some of more radical fans of the show.

For the most part the story was pretty straight forward. It was an interesting show with some great acting by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Not sure it would have worked without those two in the main roles.  

This is probably my favorite scene in the series with Charlie Lange (played by Brad Carter):

There were many loose threads in the end that were not tied up. If given enough in the story, it makes it more interesting to leave it up to the audience to make their own conclusions on the loose ends.

Spoiler Alert:

Truthfully I thought one or both  Rust Cohle and Martin Haart would be killed in the True Detective season finale.

The scene of Cohle and Haart with Errol Childress (the lawn mower man) in Carcosa was riveting. It was very chilling when Childress was talking to Cohle as Cohle chases him through Carcosa.

I thought when Childress attacked Cohle that Cohle was going to die. Then Haart took a tomahawk to the chest. However, Cohle takes out Childress with a shot to the head to kill Childress.

The 17 year stretch from the murder at the beginning of the movie, Rust Cohle goes through more of a philosophical type of change. He has a Nihilist view of the world after he lost his daughter.
There are many places in the show where Cohle goes on and on with his philosophical views. Here is one very early in the show:

After facing Errol Childress, he was almost killed and felt like he should have died. During that time he talks about feeling the love of his daughter and loved ones that have passed.

Final scene of True Detective:

This shifted his life to where he could feel again and live again. As Martin Haart and Cohle are talking about fight of good and evil and the stars in the sky. The show ends with Haart helping Cohle and helping him runaway from the hospital.

Haart's transformation was mostly though his family falling apart from him having affairs on his wife, and hitting his daughter after she is caught in a car with two guys. His wife leaves him along with his daughters.

Again after facing Errol Childress, Haart's ex-wife and daughters make a surprise visit with him in the hospital and it seems to be some thawing in the relationships between him his ex-wife and two daughters.

I thought the Season Finale was great. I am sure that some may have been disappointed after many of the theories about how the show would end were wrong. Not sure how Season 2 will be, I would expect it not to be as good as Season 1.

What are your thoughts on the True Detective Season Finale? Leave a comment below.


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